Sydney Harbour is just a dream for any photographer. And I am a keen hobby photographer. All photos on this website have been taken by myself – with the exception of the historic images and this beautiful shot of last night’s fireworks display on the Harbour, which was taken by Richard Hirst from Hirsty Photography, who kindly granted me permission to showcase this image here.

Admittedly, I was unable to be anywhere near the Harbour last night and actually watched the fireworks on TV instead of from within the 1.6 million strong crowd on the foreshore. But even if I had been there, I’d never have managed a shot like this oneĀ – I neither have the equipment, nor the technical expertise required. Never mind that for an amateur with medium priced equipment my photos are pretty good and well liked.

BUT more importantly, I know all the places around Sydney Harbour from where these kinds of photos can be taken. And I can take you to them and tell you heaps of interesting stuff about Sydney’s history along the way. So put on your walking boots, slap on a hat and some suncreen, grab a water bottle and your camera gear and let’s go WALKABOUT!!

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